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Fill in A, B, C, D, and E plus Boxes 1 - 6 and click "Calculate Page". Box 9 shows your monthly cash flow.
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Name of Seller/Realtor:  Phone#:
Property Address:
Number of Bedrooms:          Number of Baths:          Estimated Square Footage of House:
Type of Foundation:  Cement Slab || Cement Perimeter || Post and Pier (most common for seller financing)
Type and Size of Garage/Carport: Attached || Detached || Carport    SqFt
Asking Price:$
Down Payment:$

Seller Financing
Loan Amount:$
Interest rate:%
Type of Interest:Fixed || Variable
Payback Term:months
Monthly Payment:$

(Check box below if using more than one financier)
Other Financing
Monthly Rent Income
Monthly Property Taxes
Monthly Insurance
Monthly Water Bill
Monthly Management Fee
Monthly Repair Cost
Monthly Value of DOWN
Total of Mortgage Payments
Total of Boxes 1-7
Monthly Cash Flow
Enter the monthly property tax amount in Box 1, or enter the tax rate percentage below and click the checkbox.
Call an insurance agent to ask for an annual insurance quote. Enter that number below. For an estimate, multiply the price times 0.0035.
Enter the estimated monthly water bill to the left if it is not already entered in Box E. If unknown, as an estimate use $30.
Enter the monthly management fee or enter zero if collecting your own rent. 10% of the rent is a common fee charged by management companies.
Repairs usually average 15% of the rent. Select below if you are paying to have repairs made or if doing your own repairs.
        Paying For || DIY
If you borrowed your down, enter the monthly payment for it. If you used your own money enter the interest it would earning monthly if sitting in the         bank.
Enter the total of any additional mortage payments owed on the property not already listed on this page. $
Age of House:years  | Estimated Size of Lot:sq.ft.  | Estimated Monthly Water Bill:$
Type of Roof:  | Age of Roof:years | Type of Heating/AC: